About Us

Enbarr products is built on a solid foundation of understanding our customer, understanding our environment and understanding our products. After years of being closely involved in both the equine and the canine industry we identified the immediate need for plastic free options for minding our animals.

Janni Bars was born in a kitchen creating plastic free natural soaps and personal care products. Janni Bars quickly evolved to become a luxury personal care brand, so the pet products needed a new name, hence the birth of Enbarr Products.

Nature, sustainability and quality are always in the forefront of our mind, influencing and shaping every step of the production process, ensuring you get the professional and quality result that you and your animal deserve. Enbarr Products, primarily an "eco" brand, is acutely aware of the need for quality products and quality results. For those who show their horses and dogs, those who compete at all levels or for those who simply want the best for their pets Enbarr Products will always have eco-friendly and quality at the heart of the brand.